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Last Updated: 12/05/2014

     This is the world's first Annuity Internet Cafe specializing in profiling world class fixed annuity (FI) and fixed indexed annuity (FIA) products offered by name brand national and international insurance carriers. Our firm only represents sponsoring insurance firms that maintain an "A-" or higher rating by Standard and Poor rating services. 

     With proper ratings assured for your confidence and safety, as top money chef I have some specials for you to consider the next time your CD comes due. When the bank person mumbles out a .9% or 1.05% CD renewal interest rate, I want you to have quick access to an alternative quote on my best annuity menu options.  Here's the hotline to call and check:


   I sincerely know and understand that in your desire to keep your money safe, no one these days can get excited over what is most likely the lowest rates on bank products in history!  My annuity menu options start at 3 year terms on fixed annuities from various insurance firms and go up to 10 year terms. To have a chance to earn even higher rates, my fixed indexed annuities have great internal options to do even better, but with a little more risk.  The extra risk is that you could have a flat year and not earn interest if you chosen indexed option goes flat that year.  Don't worry, the options are very broad so you can invest indirectly in gold, real estate, and other common securities index options such as the S&P 500 index (but with no dividends).  And you can even invest in multiple index's blended together.

     You can even invest in an optioned index product that allows you to MAKE money if the index goes down!  All choices allow a division by percentage in indexed products, including putting as much as you want in index's or a portion or all in a fixed rate of interest if you like.  Some like that option during the times securities markets adjust and scare you from participating in any format.  So, a fixed indexed annuity is also a fixed annuity if you want it to be.  That's a pretty nice option for investment flexibility.

     Whatever your reason or purpose is to investigate tax deferred annuities, both fixed and indexed annuities -- I must tell you that all of my  products have guarantees on the principal by each carrier if you hold to maturity.  In other words, no matter which choice you make, the chance of loss of principal is still almost impossible unless you invest in a long term product (such as a 10 year product) and a year later decide you  suddenly pull out more than the typical 10% free withdrawal amount most firms allow once a year.  Even then, the majority if not all of your principal would still be intact with most of my menu products, which are chosen with the sensitivity of being as liquid as possible for emergency money situations. (Though you should know that most annuities are "long term" investment vehicles, not short term savings accounts)


     I understand you may have searched and found this site on your own, or perhaps you have received one of our Arizona based advertisements inviting you to come into the annuity cafe for a free look. 

     Either way, thanks for stopping by!  I sincerely understand your motivations to shop around and can pretty well assume you are here because you can't live very "high on the hog" on a CD anymore that pays a puny annual percentage rate.  Money doesn't last when it earns less than the cost of inflation.  Or if you take out more than you make.

     You can take a quick look at my FULL MENU of popular yet safe fixed annuity (FA's) and fixed indexed annuity (FIA's) options now available to you if you are an Arizona resident.  If you reside in another state, please know this website and it's content is based on Arizona insurance law but many of the products profiled are also available in other states.  If you see something you like, be sure to still check with me for availability in your state.  My firm licenses in various states depending on demand to serve clients all around the United States with investment products and other financial services.

     Try to ignore all the negative things you read and hear about insurance annuities.  Many of the critics are competitors and truthfully, are just jealous they don't sell them when people ask for "safe" investment products.  And sure, there are some bad apples who take advantage of seniors and other policyholders.  But, eventually, most of them are caught and dealt with.  Remember, the most prevalent news in my Wall Street Journal each day is about a bank or brokerage firm who broke the law, not about wrongdoing of an insurance company or their agents.

     By getting educated on the best annuity products available to U.S. citizens, you will have something to compare with when someone lays down an annuity proposal and tells you it is the best product you could buy.  (With registration, I will reveal what I think is the best product available in America right now) It is the Chef's special so far in 2014.  So, I wish you bon appetit!  

      I know you want the options, terms and companies to compare with any proposals you may already have from another source. Don't be fooled by large bonus figures or first year only guaranteed annual income percentages alone that may have been quoted to you.  Be sure you investigate ALL the terms so you are not surprised down the road when a feature the salesman forgot to mention (like you can die and still owe surrender charges) comes back and haunts you or your family settling your estate.  As a nationally known and published retirement and estate consultant, I will be sure any product purchased through my firm is inherited IRA and estate friendly.

     Since I broker business with various firms and companies, and represent some of the best products now on the market, you will gain access to product information with features that you really want, not what the bank pushes as an alternative to their low paying CD's!  (They do that when you start talking about going elsewhere)  Yes, the banker will switch out and talk annuities just to try to keep you.  My experience is that it is best to take your money, and keep walking out the door.  (They tend to push products THEY like more than what you want)


     There are plenty of victims of variable investments that have been hurt because there was no safety net when stock market values suddenly plunged.  Few investors are active and can react quickly when a plunge begins or runs it's course over a few days or a week in some cases of past stock market crashes.

     Until the last 3 years, it was a good argument to ask if your stock broker helped you or just made things worse?  A lot of brokers drop out of the "biz" because they just can't take the depression that comes with extreme capital loss's in client accounts. Obviously, for those that stayed invested in the 2008 crash, record highs prevail 6 years later at this time.  But for how long?

     Those brokers who lost money for clients, perhaps your money, can be called some vicious names or even have their lives and even their families lives threatened.  All because they took on variable investment clients with no real trading experience or knowledge of the fact that the stock market goes up and it goes down.  Or by taking on new investors, they failed to first educate them on the true risk of the portfolios picks they made for you.

     Of course, some are brokers who became victims themselves due to two distinct scenarios.  The first is the mortgage crisis.  Those packaged derivatives sold to banks by brokerage firms backfired and took a lot of good brokerage houses went down in the dust because of it.  (Did you ever think Merrill Lynch would bite the dust?)

     But most brokers were not guiltless in selling mortgage backed securities to their clients.  Using the excuse "who knew poor people with stated income loans would default on their large mortgage loans?"  doesn't hold any water now.  People with bad credit given big home loans without the income to pay them back was a disaster we are all still paying.  And in the midst of the mortgage arena, the U.S. government was the chief quarterback in this crime spree that all but ruined our home values for 8 or so years after promoting goofy purchase options that more or less looked the other way when people lied about their income on mortgage applications..      

Don't Lose Money     But, back to YOUR stock broker.  If you are doing really well in variable investments this year and for the past three years, leave this website.  You are extremely and magically blessed and the information we have ready for others just isn't of any value to you. 

    For the other 50%+ of you that are not as well off today as you were in May, 2008 -- we know by now you have already had that "little chat" about how you don't want to loose any more money.  Some of you have had more than one chat on this subject.  And others, have switched stock brokers since 2008 because of big losses. 

     And you still have had to have another "little chat" with your new broker about money down the drain you don't see coming back anytime soon when they zigged when it was time to zag in your portfolio.

Note: Most brokers still adopt a long term outlook and their commentary goes something like this -- "it will always come back" and "this is a long term program and the market always comes back")

     Yet, you still sit with less money today than you had a few years ago and are still waiting...

     So, be extremely careful when that same broker switches gears on you and suddenly recommends fixed annuity options as an alternative in order to keep your "money under management". (That's how they talk about your money when you aren't around)  M.U.M. is the buzz word...  many advisors will do anything to keep you from going somewhere else. 

     Sadly, even when you die, they will break the law, lie to heirs and completely malpractice as insurance agents in a quest to KEEP your money under management and with your heirs.  Read more about what takes place with retirement money left to heirs on my website: Inherited IRA Hell

     Again, in the securities firm environment, many stockbrokers will only show you what they want to sell you.  If it is a proprietary firm you most likely will be shown only their proprietary insurance annuity products.  And that could mean you will get stuck with something you don't really want. Or buy something that isn't as good if you had all the facts and choices available to you. 

     You also could get stuck with a high commission product that does more good for the stockbroker as your salesman -- then what it can do for you.  In fact, sadly, that is exactly what most likely will happen the day your stock broker who may currently be making you go broke -- decides to recommend you switch to fixed annuities with him or her.  Call me toll free at 1-800-782-2806 if that happens.  Or register now to get more information instantly.


      Pushy salesmen are notorious for making sales by making you feel guilty if you don't buy from them.  They base their presentation on feelings mostly instead of logic.  Doesn't it make sense to hold off buying anything in this day and age of electronic "instant" access on the internet - until YOU have had a chance to compare any particular product someone "pitches" to you?  Especially if they failed to show you other fixed annuity option products because they have lower commissions?  

     So, if you get a pushy salesman, push back.  Push them out the door before they get going -- as they have the ability to transform a bar of soap into a 10 oz. bar of gold!  (Their magic wears off soon after they walk out your door)

     You will soon discover what seemed like gold, was THEIR dream, not reality and definitely, not logic.  They will sell you the highest commission product in most cases that still has some attractive features that will hook you so you don't ask other questions that really need to be asked.  (Like is a 14 year surrender period normal?) Often, they make the worst product in the market appear to be the best.  All because the product was designed for high compensation to the pushy salesman.  All the bells and whistles that "appear" to be good often hide  the hard details and legal terms that would shock you if they were all legally disclosed to you. 

     Trust me, modern fixed indexed annuities (FIA's) have more moving parts than the space shuttle...  It takes patience and professional advisory to help clients understand the basics of policy features and benefits as well as compare products which includes disclosure of certain negative features as well. Such as you get sued in year 2 of the policy, lose in court and have to surrender the plan in order to pay legal fees and court judgments.  It's good to ask about "worse case" scenarios BEFORE you write the check or transfer the money to buy a tax deferred annuity. 

     I don't think you will argue that it is a bad time in the history of America to go it alone regarding trying to protect your hard earned savings, retirement accounts, or other nest eggs you now have accumulated over the years. You should have professional advisory and unbiased opinions to be sure you don't become a victim of fraud. Or get taken advantage of by an unscrupulous salesman.

     Regardless of where you are in the three step process of first "accumulating" money or the later "withdrawing" of retirement funds, or even the final step after your death of "distributing" your remaining money accounts to your heirs -- Financial Strategies, Inc. is dedicated to assist you.  And, my company has annuity products that fit each of those three steps like a glove.  

     No doubt, new products will be posting to the menu options here on the Annuity Internet Cafe And qualified professional and experienced help is available via email or phone call to answer any questions you may have.  Of course with no obligation or cost either. 

     Sure, we hope you discover our firm is a fresh alternative to the common "dribble" many get from their current local financial or insurance advisors.  After 38+ years, my firm is tired of hearing stories of hungry salesman pushing high commission products.  And never giving YOU the proper choice of valid products that meet your criteria and financial profile.  Register now for free access to my best products profiled only for registered guests to review.  Or call me instead direct at toll free 1-800-782-2806 to discuss your situation with no obligation.


     Maybe it is time to fire the stockbroker and do this yourself.  It isn't rocket science.  And, believe me, it is much easier than trying to cut your own hair!  Every FIA in a new annuity portfolio or your current stock market variable portfolios should have a certain portion invested more aggressively in order to try to obtain a higher reward, regardless of your age.

     But, the majority of most baby boomer (or older) investment portfolios is often heavily weighted into risky investments that are not watched closely.  So, they often disappoint on a long term basis, and don't grow because of losses that always hurt performance, especially large losses like we had back in 2008 on variable type investments. 

      Which brings up the question posed here.  Are you ready to do this yourself?  Are you now at the right place at the right time to investigate and find alternative investment options yourself, and not just rely on some overpaid advisor to "tell" you what you should do? 

     I hope so.  Get that scissors back from the broker.  Give it to my firm to help cut out the bad annuities and salesman out there in the real world, and let's go shopping on the Annuity Internet Menu to find you something you like.  In a time period where fewer safe options exist which can still pay a reasonable rate of return as well as return all of your principal invested -- I am confident that something on my Annuity Menu of products will please you.  Just REGISTER below and you will get a MENU placed in your hands.  (Once you download the PDF file that is!)  

Why You Should Use M.D. Exclusively

M.D. Anderson     Hands down, as a professional insurance consultant and sales advisor, I will first obtain important "profile" financial information so I can match a product with what is most suitable to you.  It is also the law, that I "know" my client before I do business with you. My testimonials and other websites linked to this site are your way of getting to know me as well, so that we have an equal exchange of knowledge before setting out to do any business together.

      Since many annuity salesman ignore the lower commission products and match your investment amount ONLY with what they can get the biggest commission on, I'm that rare "bird" raised right on an Iowa farm that won't do that to you. 

      Though I am not a non profit company or able to work for free, I am willing to show you what YOU want to see, not what I want you to buy.   I unequivocally state that some of the finest products available to you right now do pay a "reasonable" commission to me but rarely a high commission. 

      By offering the best products available, my compensation is adequate and pays me for my time and effort in consulting with you in person or through the Annuity Internet Cafe.  Assisting and helping you to enroll into any particular annuity plan or product is my job, as well as providing lifetime service afterwards.

      If you are seeking my professional insurance product advisory outside of Arizona, I can represent you in most states. Though currently licensed in Arizona and Iowa at this time, I can add most states for licensing purposes quickly, due a national system.  Just seriously ask me to assist you in your annuity decision and I will license in your state quickly.  Or I will make a referral to another agent in your state if you desire a face to face transaction by making a referral.  (Together we will assist you)

      In closing, please give me the professional courtesy to read some of my general testimonials from financial planning clients. (I work in multiple financial services)  It will give you incite on what other clients think of my services.  And note that some of my largest client advisory or consulting cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions sometimes) are with clients that hire me over the internet and never have met me!) 

M.D.'s Financial Planning Client Testimonials

A Nice Client Note



Since I get hired all around the U.S. for financial consulting cases and in some foreign countries, I ask for you to try my services and become my next new client.  I am ready to assist you as your trusted advisor to represent your fixed annuity or fixed indexed annuity needs.

In an unknown future, please know you can trust in my personal promise as your professional insurance and annuity advisor to guide and assist you with "Tax Smart" and yet "Safe" insurance products.  And finally, know that I will not just meet but I will exceed your expectations in any task you give me.  It's the only way I roll for the past 38+ years! 

M.D. Anderson




Breaking News!

"Americans should convert at least half of their retirement savings into an annuity."  US Treasury Dept.

Folks, an annuity by design pays out for as long as you live. Fixed annuities with or without stock options become excellent "insurance" against general stock market declines and poor individual investment decisions.

J. Mark Iwry, deputy assistant Treasury secretary, recently announced that the Obama administration wants to "make options for annuitized income more attractive than lump sums".

Government studies show that Americans are running out of their own money as they get older. Let me help you understand why millions are now protecting their wealth with investments that can't go down in value.

Here is another government comment that flies in the face of some of those securities "experts" telling you all your money belongs in risky variable investments. (such as what they sell...)

 "There is a lack of financial education about the benefits of annuities and what's available" US Government Accountability Office.

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Disclosure:   Any product we profile in our "inside" pages obtained after registration are represented with a guarantee of principal based on continued holding until maturity of the annuity contract as well as the assumption the carrier remains highly rated as it was at inception and that it continues in business in order to provide any and all product or company guarantees. 

Further, we disclose that even with proper management an equity based investment plan may not have defense against price drops or other circumstances that can reduce prior gains as well as deplete original principal invested.  If you desire investment advice or an investment advisor, we recommend you seek proper professional help in that regard.  Financial Strategies, Inc. and it's staff is NOT an investment advisor or investment advisor firm at this time.  

Also, under recent SEC scrutiny of FIA products and insurance carriers, it is not allowed to specifically recommend any variable type investment product to be replaced so that the amount can be invested into any fixed investment products such as insurance company sponsored annuity products.  In fact, certain legal cases to date would lead one to assume that it is against the law to recommend that you convert an equity based investment into a fixed investment product.  This could be deemed "investment advice". 

For that reason, we do not recommend you replace any specific variable or equity based product with a fixed investment annuity product we may offer on this site without first analyzing your own situation and risk tolerance levels which will help you understand the full value of a fixed annuity or fixed indexed annuity product such as what we offer on this site.  Then, you can dictate to us as your new insurance company brokerage firm what products you want or at least, what features you want so that we may suggest a certain product from one of our highly rated carriers. Though we do not agree with these recent rulings and how the SEC may interrupt what is investment advice, we clearly state here that the consumer has to decide for themselves without our input, the true value of conversion to safer fixed investments such as fixed annuity products so we are not giving "investment advice" per these new rules.  

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